new name....

new vibe....

same ridiculously efficient service

 Why SMG? You could say it is all about the experience..... 


With 25 years under our belt, it would be hard to find a service SMG has not provided to our extensive list of clients.  When you have a need, we have a way.  Whether is it your basic national repair and maintenance program or a unique challenge you are facing, SMG delivers intelligent strategic solutions that are carefully crafted to deliver exceptional results. 


All other things remaining equal, in the facilities maintenance industry SMG understands cost is a critical, driving component of the relationship.  While balancing our dedication to quality and delivery of service, SMG maintains one of the most cost conscious perspectives in the industry. Your dollar works harder here at SMG than anywhere else. 


The SMG customer service point of view is extreme and we would have it no other way. We value our customers and prove it the old fashion way-through hard work which is a core founding principle of our firm. Where many companies in this field have become transactional, SMG succeeds through fully comprehensive support of our clients' needs. 

That Something Extra 

There is that special something that makes you stand out in a crowd, sometimes it is hard to put a finger on.  The SMG culture is one of going the extra mile. From top to bottom, we care and we believe that makes all of the difference in the world.